In "The Code of War," you'll be regaled with tales of ambition and subterfuge, all wrapped in a veneer of dark humor and sharp observation. Far from your typical dry professional development tome, this book reads like the secret playbook of the most successful—and notorious—names in tech.

At the end of each chapter, you'll find a short story about the real-life person the chapter is based on. All the names, of course, are changed. Getting sued is an inconvenience I don't wish to go through.

Grab your copy now and step into the arena armed with wit, wisdom, and a dash of mischief. Your IT career will never be the same!

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Here's what you can expect to learn:

  • How to make a lasting impression on day one and assert your presence without uttering a single word.

  • Ingenious ways to outshine your colleagues and rise as the new star in the tech skies.

  • Masterful techniques of office diplomacy that will cement your influence and secure your ascent to the top.

Every chapter draws from real-life characters—the masterminds and the manipulators, the schemers and the dreamers—each with a lesson on what to do (and sometimes, what not to do). Their stories serve as a backdrop to a series of strategies that will arm you with the know-how to navigate the office politics of IT with confidence and flair.

Are you ready to master the art of IT warfare? Embrace the role of the strategist, the rogue, and the unlikely hero all in one. Whether you're just starting your tech career or looking to sharpen your existing arsenal of tactics, "The Code of War" is your irreverent guide through the battlefield of cubicles and code.

Chapters of War

Chapter 1 Annihilating the interview

  • Writing Your Way Up
  • Gathering Intel
  • The Spotlight's On: Showtime

Chapter 4Becoming Irreplaceable

  • The Hidden Perils of Documentation
  • Discussions should leave no trace
  • The Art of Being the Indispensable Link

Chapter 2 Starting at a new company

  • Marking your territory
  • Becoming the New Star
  • Cementing Influence

Chapter 5 Transitioning to Management

  • Keeping People in the Dark
  • Deadlines should be Impossible
  • Blame everything on your inferiors

Chapter 3 Getting that promotion

  • Gossip as a Weapon of Mass Disruption
  • Taking all the credit for all the work
  • Crafting Your Hall of Fame Image

About the author

Marko Zivanovic

Marko Zivanovic is a manager, engineer, hacker and writer. He takes great interest in the impact of technology on society and politics. As a person who’s fascinated with ones and zeroes from an early age, he always likes to think about how he, as a developer, can make this world a better place through tech.

Having worked in companies of all sizes, ranging from small start-ups to big enterprises, he always liked to journal his experiences and developer war stories he lived through. This book is an attempt to share them with others from his unique and quirky perspective.

Reach him on his personal website or Linkedin

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